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Discover a new theatre experience

Engaging audiences connecting digitally

Serious stuff: in 2019 the Department for Culture Media and Sport reported an 18.7% drop in young people attending theatre over the past 10 years.

By using mobile technology familiar to young people, Inside Theatre aims to demystifying the theatre experience to rebuild our industry for a stronger sustained future. Hooray!

Flexible learning at your finger tips

Check out our resources not only on the app but across all our social media pages:

On YouTube you will find warmup videos and exercises. Our new podcast will explore the different job roles in theatre; what they do and how to get into them (due April 2021). There’ll also be some top tips from the professionals. Designed for students this is a light-hearted and engaging look at the industry.

Check out Instagram for theatre knowledge, show designs, design boards and images.

Our twitter page is the portal between education and industry: connecting industry professionals to those in training/interested in theatre.

Keep checking our website for more resources for teachers and lecturers.

Teacher resource pack coming soon

Taking you behind the curtain

Ever wanted to design your own show? Get hints and tips from industry professionals?

Engaging Audiences Connecting Digitally

Have a world of creative choice right at your fingertips

Live Theatre Becomes Digital Reality

Grab your chance to flex your creative theatre muscles all with the help of a clever little app from Inside Theatre!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! 100%! And we highly recommend you do! Encourage your students to download and interact with the app to create their own production. For effective learning, instruct them to read the “industry tips” as they go through the process. Ignite their creativity by watching their version of the show in stunning Virtual Reality at the end – then ask them to share their work to get feedback from the wider world; just like in ordinary theatre.

Yes we do and we love passing on our knowledge! For schools, colleges, clubs and societies; ages 14 - 21. Either online or in person using our industry specialists, they will guide them through the process of making theatre – ticking a few of those exam board criteria along the way. How do we know? Well, we’ve asked an educational specialist to help us – he has a Ph.D, so we’re pretty sure he knows everything. We use creatives and professionals currently working in the industry to lead the workshops, so they know what they’re talking about – oh and they’re all DBS checked, don’t worry.

We’re glad you asked! Yes, we do. For 10 or more copies we’ll give you a whopping 20% off. Contact us for a voucher code.

Tablets, phones, iPhones, iPads = yes. Laptops = no. We’re all about the modern tech, you know.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could? Then you could share it with teachers, lecturers, friends, your granny, and the dog*. Well guess what – you can! Because we’ve added a special little widget to do that. *P. S your dog might not care.
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Explore digital theatre

Immersive story telling: You’re the director

The interactive app puts users at the heart of the theatre process as a director but allows you to explore your own creativity as set, costume, lighting and sound designer.

As well as building a scene, the app provides an insight into the skills of theatre, how the magic is created. Industry insights including why warm or cold lighting might affect a scene and its tone, how costume impacts how an audience sees a character and why the layout of the set can influence how you tell a story. Along the way, use the “tips” button to receive advice from real industry professionals from each field of work.

Let your creative side loose
Create your own fairy avatar, magical costume and don’t forget to design your wings

Costume Design

Ever wanted to try your hand at costume design? The Inside Theatre app allows to create your own costume for the show: pick style, colours, and shapes as our costume designer guides you along the way (our virtual seamster will make it for you – otherwise known as the costume wizards).

Set the stage

Theatre sets are awesome. We love them. So have a go at creating your own with blocks, rostra, steps (treads we call them in theatre, because we like to be different) and all sorts of fun features.

Our pro set designer will give you some tips about where to place things. Place objects, rotate them, and add some artwork with our virtual scenic artist. There’s 100s of different combinations to try.


Did you know that it’s someone’s job to decide what the lights look like in theatre? It’s called a lighting designer and now it’s you turn to be one! Experiment with fancy things like colours, size, strength of the beam and placement of the set on set.


Sometimes you don’t even realise there’s sound playing when you’re watching a show. But a simple bird sound can make you believe we’re outdoors. It helps your imagination. That’s why we have sound designers and composers. They’re the people that add the background sound. Experiment with the music/sounds within the app and see how it impacts the show.

There’s 100s of different combinations to try, so let your creative side loose.

The performance

See your work come to life

Sit back and watch a scene of your play in augmented reality

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